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Nike Sneaker Web Mockup by Jonny-Rocket Nike Sneaker Web Mockup by Jonny-Rocket
This assignment has been on my HDD for ages and just never got around to putting it here. The site is more meant to be navigated using visual cues and metaphors rather than having text spell it out for you (so a camera means you'll access photos, a box means you can open it for infomation etc). It was a weird brief that took a while to sink in and a PS showcase skillwise for this assignment. It was roughly about 10 hours per page including sourcing photos from the web and my bedroom and I intentionally made elements look not natural so they are idenfitied as buttons and not as a background image.

There are some bits here and there I'll fix up later (aswell as one entire page that I'm yet to finish! 2 is a odd number to show!) but I wish all my TAFE assignments were this groovy. Stupid marketing essays..... :(

EDIT: Just changed the DA presentation of it so it looks more neat and tidy!
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karmapilots Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2007
awesome stuff bro. u really stand out from the mundane web interface designs that we see here on a daily basis. rock on.
Jonny-Rocket Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2007
Yeah, this one is a little different to the rest. But it would be very inflexible to update and take alot of work to get in functional. It would be like making a newspaper without a grid would give anyone updating the news a headache! Much like me after these screens!

But the other web layouts are still great! They have purpose and are functional, are flexible with infomation and aesthetically cool.

But thanks for the kind words!
Wazynski Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2007   Interface Designer
like it
Bloomy021 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2007  Student Interface Designer
nice realisation !
Nosek Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2006
I dont like the guy on bottom, but it's a great layout anyway!
Jonny-Rocket Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2006
heheehe! You're right on that one! All the black border stuff I made so it looks more presentable but I didn't really have anything in mind!
ooruc Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2006   Digital Artist
nice work Jonny-Rocket. all off. but im not to be sure about bottom graphix and tipograph ( nike site photoshop...) your works is very good collage.
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July 20, 2006
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